Books Are Deceivingly Complicated Objects.

[Encyclopedic manuscript containing allegorical and medical drawings].
[Encyclopedic manuscript containing allegorical and medical drawings]. Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection (Library of Congress) [South Germany, ca. 1410]

Art of the Book http://Books Is Deceivingly Complicated Objects.

Books are deceivingly complicated objects. From cover to cover, the design of a book reflects the prevailing desires and demands of a particular time and place. To provide a rich overview of the Art of the Book, the following selections are examples of illustration, binding, and typography from a variety of locations and historical moments.

Some are manuscripts (hand-drawn and illustrated books) while others are printed. All represent a complex, often global, network of artists, craftspeople, and book lovers. Unless otherwise noted, the selected images are all from the Rare Book and Special Collections Division.

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